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Prompt: Castle suspects that kate is pregnant and ask her

The first time it happens, she’s standing over a body at a crime scene, after a perfectly normal morning, when it hits her: the wave of nausea crashing into her unsuspecting stomach swiftly. Her eyes bulge with realization that she needs to get out of here and now. 

Five minutes later, Castle is standing next to her, leaned up against a wall around the corner from the scene. He’s talking of saltine crackers and how she should have eaten breakfast this morning, and if she thought she could open her mouth without feeling even worse, she’d be fighting back.

The second time it happens, it’s later that day when she dashes for the precinct bathroom. He doesn’t notice, but when he hands her a coffee mug five minutes later and she cringes and doesn’t take it, he knows. He gets straight to the point.

"Kate did you get sick again?"

She huffs but doesn’t answer, as though sickness is beneath her. 

"There’s nothing wrong with being sick," he chides, reading her perfectly.

"I am not sick. I don’t get sick.”

"Okay well if you’re not sick, then what do you propose is wrong with you?”

"It’s probably just something I ate."

"All you had this morning was coffee."

She glares. She’s always grumpy when she’s sick. And yes, she does get sick sometimes, no matter what she says.

"I don’t know maybe it was the milk."

His nod and pause follow, and she just begins to think that the conversation is over when he starts again.

"Okay so you’re not sick, then."


"And since I’m pretty sure they have regulations on the milk thing in coffee shops, I don’t that was it either."

"What’re you getting at, Castle?"

He doesn’t say anything, just sits there leaning on the arm he’s got placed on the edge of her desk. He’s got this self satisfied smirk plastered on his face, and there’s this weird twinkle in his eyes. She realizes that he’s gotten to some kind of realization that she must be missing. And that’s frustrating because he’s not the one who’s paid to notice things and-

Her head whips around.


"No what?" He

"I know what you’re thinking and that’s not it."

"How you know you’re not-"

"Don’t say the "p" word."

"What about-"

"Or the "b" word."


"Are you sure?"

She hesitates. And in that moment, he pounces. 

"You’re not sure?”

She groans, stands, grabs her purse, turns on her heel, and stalks toward the elevator. Naturally, he grins and follows. He’s taking the woman to a drug store if he has to drag her there.

"We’re going home." She says it like it’s final. 

"And why is that?"

"Because I’m sick."

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"I almost died and all I could think about was you."

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(reason - basically we’re both going away to college soon and cleaned out our rooms, and threw together some items that we dont want anymore)

what we’re giving away: 

  • 1 mac book pro valued at ~$1990 (has a slight dent in it, doesn’t affect the laptop though)
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  • huge candle valued at ~$30
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  • Dolce perfume by Dolce and Gabbana valued at ~$100


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*title picture background is not ours!!*

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this about sums it up

that’s it that’s the show


this about sums it up

that’s it that’s the show

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